ADR That Accent Aigu

December 29, 2018

Yes, I speak mostly fluent French, and my accent is not bad. But I’m an American, and from time to time, I must admit, an errant vowel sound comes out of my mouth when I’m speaking this beautiful — and very precise — language.

In a recent short, Mise en Scène Des Morts, shot almost completely in French, we needed to do some ADR due to unbelievable noise from the floor above the set. This gave me the opportunity to correct one vowel sound, where I had uttered “è” when I should have said “é.”

To the ear unfamiliar with French, this might have gone unnoticed, but I cringed every time I heard the original sound and my flatter è sound. And had this leaked out, France might have refused my entry the next time I arrived at CDG.

But thanks to our need to do ADR, I was able to correct it. J’ai de la chance!